Woodlands EC Causeway Point

On pricing, the consultant speculated that developers will try and get a feel of similar projects in an area before giving a discount. The strategy is expected to drive sales for a while. However, there is a distinct possibility that the sales drive may not last long as buyers might sit back expecting further price cuts. To counter this, the consultant expected developers to offer gradually discounts, rather than taking drastic measures for Woodlands Ave 12 Hao Yuan EC. The discounts, however, will not be huge. Developers are handicapped from giving high discounts since they bore heavy construction costs.

Woodlands Mart Gambas Hao Yuan EC

Other analysts, however, are of the view that developers will launch fewer new units owing to their dwindling inventory for ECs near Causeway Point and Northpoint Yishun. The sales of Hao Yuan EC in 2016 are expected to maintain above the 7, 300 mark as evident from the last two years, according to one analyst. The newly launched 14, 000 unsold units will contribute approximately 60% of the sales noted above. Mostly, the price margin for new homes is expected to deviate by between 1-3%. New houses with active location attributes may not attract high discounts compared to existing houses.

Woodlands EC Causeway Point

Data from the URA Realis, however, show an increase of 21.6 per cent in 2015. However, the URA’s definition of resales incorporates units sold by developers for complete projects in Canberra Plaza and Chong Pang Market , that is, projects that have received Certificate of Statutory Completion, and where buyers received individual titles. The Goodwood Residence in Bukit Timah area is a good example. The URA has classified sales by GuocoLand as ‘resales’, according to their definition. But buyers are still attracted to the secondary market where buyers are open to considerable negotiations.

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Even in Singapore, that is currently locked in an economic grind, with a frail stock market, analysts project high sales this year. One analyst projected that if the economic slump emerged as moderate, sales could rise to figures between 7, 500 and 8, 500. Low prices are expected to attract many buyers in the region.

Another analyst confirmed this stating that sales are expected to fall in the 8, 000 units range in 2016, with developers expected to offer attractive discounts so as to sell unsold units.The sales could rise as high as 9, 000-11, 000 units if developers complete more units than the previous year, individual to market sentiments.